About me!

Cola Step Curl 2

Hey all! My name is Nichola (Cola) Stuhr. I’m a small town, farm girl from Nebraska who moved here for my Exercise Science internship in 2011. I’ve learned an unimaginable amount on exercise and nutrition since I’ve moved here. Working at Kinesis Konnection in Phoenix has allowed me to be surrounded by very knowledgeable people and I’ve been a sponge to it!

I love finding new information and sharing it with  my blog followers, and if there’s ever a recipe or exercise that you try and like it or don’t like it, please give me your feedback! I’d love to hear it. No feedback on my smartass attitude, though. It’s not going to change 🙂

I am very blessed to be where I am today. My family is so amazing cheering me on and my friends are always curious about new advise I have for them. Please enjoy my blog and feel free to ask any questions you may have!!



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