2014 New Year’s REVELATION

Week 2: New Year's REVELATION

We’re just over 2 weeks into the New Year and I hope and pray that everyone is keeping their eye on the prize: their health and wellness goal.
75% of people drop out of their New Year’s resolution within 7 days of starting it. So how are you doing with your resolution??
We say…. Throw your resolution aside and make a New Year’s REVELATION. Resolutions have a bad reputation of being forgotten and joked about. Our New Year’s REVELATION is deeper than “I want to be healthier” or “I don’t think I’ll drink as much this year (week)”. Think of WHY you need to meet your health goals. Once you know your WHY, you’re ready to get to work.
Do you wish to live long enough to see your grand kids graduate and get married? Would you like to be able to be active with your family and not be the one left behind? Dig deep to find your why, because when times get hard and temptation slaps you in the face, your why is right there to keep you motivated and focused. THAT is your New Year’s REVELATION.
Enough of the failing resolutions, who is ready to make a real life change??
We invite anyone and everyone to join us at our revelation support group on Tuesday nights!

This weeks topic is a cleanse, balance, build overview.

Cleansing your life of any negatives is such a major step in creating a healthy future for yourself. Here’s a few things to cleanse out of your life: negative people, grains and sugars, being a follower, judging others, not accepting outside knowledge, laziness, procrastination (just do it!!!!), passionless work, overeating, not drinking enough water, frowning, careless acts, late night snacks (just go to bed!!)…. need I keep going?

After you cleanse negatives from your life, balance and prioritize. Balance your fat to protein to carb ratio (lots of fats, medium amounts of protein, and low carbs), balance your time between work and play, prioritize your “to do” lists to help you get more done, prioritize the people in your life- who is going to make the more positive influence on you?

Ahhhh… fresh, clean, and balanced. Time to build. Build strong relationships with good people, build muscle, build healthy food choices in your house, build a sand castle… wait, what? Build a healthy work community, build to do lists, build a low-sugar green smoothie, build a strong family at your gym, build a cleaning schedule at work and home, BUILD A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE.

Now, that sounds like a better revelation šŸ™‚

Kinesis Konnection
2196 E. Camelback Rd. #200
Phoenix, AZ 85281


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