Nut Cereal

Cereal is one thing that I lived on, and the one thing I miss so bad. Back when I didn’t know any better and thought that Special K really WAS GOOD FOR YOU!!! It’s all lies… no cereal is good for you. It’s all processed grains and junk. Which is why I needed to replace it with something a bit different, and that’s where nut cereal comes in!! It all starts in the bulk bins at the grocery store…

A couple scoops of: Pecans, walnuts, slivered almonds (or chopped or whatever you like)

Roughly chop your pecans and walnuts, then add all of your nuts to a bowl or ziplock bag. I add about half a bag (1.5 cups maybe?) of unsweetened coconut flakes and you can put in chia or flax seeds if you prefer, too.

That’s it! Add a few berries to it (chopped dark chocolate if you’re feeling frisky) with some unsweetened almond or coconut milk and you’re golden.


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