Superfruit Noni

Superfruit Noni

After discovering Genesis Pure and the numerous, AMAZING, pure products they have, I’m 100% convinced that I can’t do enough research on what every product is and the effects on the body it has. I’ve heard awesome things about the superfruit, Noni, which is one of the most powerful fruits on the planet.
All of this information came straight from the mouth of the Genesis Pure founder and formulator, Dr. Lindsay Duncan, so I’m not just making stuff up here.

Noni is one of the worst tasting superfruits, in all honesty. Genesis Pure’s noni has no added sweeteners or artificial flavorings to make it taste better than the natural fruit. It’s been around for 2000 years and is one of the most powerful medicinal plants in all of the South Pacific.

Noni is primarily used for digestive disturbances, it is beneficial to detoxify liver, gall bladder, small intestines, pancreas, spleen, and stomach. It is high in trace, micro, macro minerals, has over 160 nutrients and other compounds, and will only grow in volcanic soil in a tropical region. The noni tree roots go deep into the soil and wrap around and through these volcanic rocks to suck all the nitrates and minerals from these rocks and soil.

Noni helps stimulate serotonin, and strengthen and stimulate immune system, hormones, digestive system. It supports healthy inflammatory processes, healthy energy levels, natural detoxification, and supports overall digestive health. It has one of the largest list of benefits of any fruit, vegetable, and even herb on the planet.

A lot of companies take noni and mix it with other fruit juices or water and only put a very small amount of the actual fruit in that mix, so you think you’re getting a therapeutic amount of noni but you’re actually just getting a bunch of other juices and sweeteners. Dr. Lindsay’s objective is to serve it up in 100% pure form, with no added sugar, flavorings, water, juice… nothing else besides pure aged noni- 30,000 mg per serving. One bottle of Genesis Pure Noni equals anywhere from 3-9 bottles of competitors bottles of noni juice. Genesis Pure also uses the traditional way to process this superfruit. They pick all the noni from their farms only while they’re ripe and layer the noni covered with leaves, wait for 2 weeks, put another layer of noni covered in leaves, wait another 2 weeks, until there’s 5 layers. Then they wait for 21 weeks until the weight of the noni has squeezed all of the juice out, press it to be sure all of the natural juices are out of the fruit, and wait another 21 weeks so the noni juice gets darker and more nutritious. Nothing is added, nothing is taken away. 100% pure Noni.

Noni is the “ultimate catalyst”, so anything that you take it with is going to be stronger and more potent. Dr. Lindsay recommends taking noni and medications at least 60 minutes apart. On the other hand, if you take noni with your vitamins, garlic, or anything that’s good for you, take it with this superfruit for a synergistic effect.

Noni anybody????


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