Bring it on!

Alright. I’ve decided to enter a fitness competition. It probably won’t be for a few months since there’s not really any around the holidays. I tend to treat my body not as well as I should every now and then, as bad as I hate to admit it. So I figured if I signed up for a natural fitness model competition (not bodybuilding), that would give me the motivation to kick it in the ass a bit.

I mean, look how dang cute those girls are!! Natural looking, toned, and healthy.

I’m going to start researching how paleo and bodybuilding go together so I can get my nutrition right. I think I could definitely be a fitness model! If anyone has any tips or anything along that line, feel free to share… I’ll need all the help I can get 🙂 BRING IT ON!!!



2 thoughts on “Bring it on!

  1. Please please please research in the legitimate science journal articles, or talk to actual nutrition professional, such as a Registered Dietition. There are lots of so called science out there that is easy to stumble one, but is in fact based on either bad science or sometimes nothing at all. There are no real scientific evidence to support either the atkins or the paleo, in fact there are many that prove atkins diet is not healthy nor does it show long term sustainability. Your body, particularly your brain and muscles (heart being biggest muscle) needs glucose (carbs broken down) and when you do not supply the carbs the body goes about making ketone bodies, which the brain is willing to use for survival. Survival not fitness! After long exposure to ketosis (production of ketone bodies) the body goes into ketoacidosis, which can lead to overall acidosis of the blood and even death. Low carb diets should never go lower the 45% of overall calorie intake, when caloric intake is based upon how many calories you need to maintain weight, or nitrogen sustainability, there are many calculations used to produce this figure based upon all the person factors and sometimes disease state. Also, eating organic food does NOT alleviate acid/base balance within the body. Foods such as meat and cheeses produce acid when they are digested, while fruits and vegetables produce bases when digested, so the thing is to eat a well rounded meal with lots of fruits and vegetables. The toxins you breathe in from the are called free radicals in your body and are countered by antioxidants, which are once again found in fruits and vegetables. But new scientific evidence has shown that excessive amounts of antioxidants are deleterious to the body as well, everything in balance.

    Good luck in the future,
    Graduate student and Dietetic Intern
    Tufts School of Nutrition Science and Policy
    Tufts Medical Center

    • We work with Gary Taubes who is a well known scientist who is actually going back and reviewing all research on nutrition and exercise and reevaluating the findings of said studies. The findings he is exposing are incredible. I encourage you to read some of his books. Why We Get Fat is a great read, he also has a blog. Registered Dietitians, physicians, etc are still being taught from text books that were written off of studies done over 50 years ago! I have also personally been on the Atkins for the past 2 years and have noticed a plateau in my weight, so the past couple weeks I’ve decided to cut out any dairy and add back in fruits and I’ve felt great! 🙂 The paleo lifestyle really caught my interest because I’ve seen so many people look and feel amazing on it. It fits my lifestyle perfectly since my body can’t handle any type of grains anymore without me getting bloated and just feeling like crap. Thank you for your input!

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