Workin’ on my Paleo

So if you follow me, you know that I’ve decided to give the Paleo lifestyle a try. Also, if you’re on a budget, you know you don’t want to spend a crazy amount of money on food. Paleo has the reputation to be a little more expensive since it’s pretty much all meat and vegetables. What I’ve learned so far about getting my paleo fix on a budget is to search through the weekly grocery ads and go to the place that has the cheapest meat. Nobody likes jumping from store to store, so since meat is such a huge part of paleo, pick the store where you can get the most for the cheapest. It seems like all of our grocery stores around here compete with meat sales, so let them compete and chose which one is more friendly on your wallet. Once you’re at the grocery store with the cheapest meat, see what else is on special in the produce section. If pork chops are half off and bags of spinach are 2 for $3, guess what you’re having tonight (or some night of the week if you’re meal planning)? Pork chops and a spinach salad. 

I’ve also learned to pay attention to the price of canned vegetables. A lot of canned vegetables are only the vegetable, water, and salt (look at the ingredients!). What’s so bad about that? So when the grocery ads say “10 for $10” about canned vegetables, you better know that I stock up! Green beans fill the cupboards. Whenever I have no idea or no time to make fresh vegetables, I’ll pull out a can of green beans to throw on the stove with some butter, salt, and pepper and call it good. 

I still haven’t had much fruit besides bananas. For some reason, when I was on Atkins, I craved bananas all the time. Probably because I couldn’t really have them. Since I know that bananas have so much sugar, I still only eat half one at a time with a ton of almond butter, which is the recently discovered fresh ground almond butter you can get in the bulk nut section of the grocery store if your’s has one. It’s amazing and I can definitely eat it by the spoonful like I could with peanut butter. 

So now that I have tons of recipes to try and no more vacation visitors to tempt me to be naughty (I’m only human), it’s time to get my shit together. 


Arlzona followers, go to our website to sign up for your chance to win $$ just to kick it in gear and lose body fat. You can call to set up your body composition appointment. 

I’m going to be challenging myself for the next 5 weeks so I’ll unofficially be part of the fat loss challenge, too. Time to be strict paleo and to get that dream body that’s so beautiful and healthy! 

What are you doing to challenge yourself? 


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