September is self-improvement month!

That’s right, among many other things, September is self improvement month. You know what that means? Time to start focusing on yourself, put a little “me” in your day. 
What is that one thing you have been wanting to do for yourself to make you a better person? Getting a new fitness facility membership, eating clean, decreasing your habits that are holding you back, traveling, getting outside more, even just relaxing to let your body and mind reconnect with each other.  These are all simple things that you can take little steps to achieve. 
Find an event that you would like to do to make yourself feel accomplished, whether it’s a charity walk or an angry Tough Mudder race.  Making yourself a good person will not happen overnight, take baby steps, and actually focus on changing your mindset from lazy to motivated.  The mind is a powerful thing.  Studies show that putting a simple smile on your face changes your mental state. Seems like a cheap and easy way to be happy! 🙂
Live life, don’t just survive it.

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