To paleo or to not paleo?

So I’ve been in a long struggle whether to go from low-carb to paleo for my nutrition lifestyle. In the past couple months, I feel like I’ve hit a stand still with my body. I always, ALWAYS see room for improvement with my body, so if what I’m doing now isn’t getting me to where I want to be, I’m looking to change something to better myself. I feel like anyone and everyone should always be looking at different and new opportunities to better themselves not only physically, but on the inside also. If you’re satisfied with how you look and feel, by all means, keep doing what you’re doing. But if you feel like you’re either at a stand still or just not happy in general with your mind or body, switch your nutrition lifestyle and/or your way of thinking.

So anyways…. low-carb (Atkins) vs. Paleo. I’ve been on low carb for a couple years now and when I’m 100% on track, I look and feel great! But after a couple years of cutting out most fruits because of the sugar content, I MISS IT! Then POOF, here’s the paleo lifestyle right in my face that allows more fruits but cuts out cheese (what??? no cheese???). Here’s the new pyramids of the Low-carb and paleo lifestyles.

With the Atkins, or low-carb, they recommend starting with very low to no grams of net carbs (total carbs minus grams of fiber) and slowly adding in more to see how your body reacts. With the paleo, there’s no bread. No grains. None of that crap, ever. Low- carb can eat peanuts, peanut butter, legumes, cheese, and a small amount of milk or other dairy that has sugar in it, processed “meats” such as pepperoni, salami, hot dogs, and other weird deli meats. Paleo allows all game meats and fish (yum and yum), sweet potatoes, bananas and other fruits, maple syrup, some honey,  🙂 dark chocolate treats, homemade fruit roll ups, and, of course, coconut butter and regular butter. So there’s things I can add in that might make up for the things I have to cut out with the paleo lifestyle, but that might be what my body needs to get over this hump. I’ve decided while I’m typing this, that I’m going to do paleo the month of September and see how my body feels. So I have a few weeks to find easy recipes for my meal planning. It’ll be a little more cooking, but I have all day Sundays to do that stuff.

Alright so my mind is made up, paleo for at least September. Then, we’ll go from there. Paleo, here I come!!

I encourage all of you to ALWAYS listen to your body. If you’re not getting the results you want, 98% is what you’re doing in the kitchen (or out of the kitchen). If you feel like crap, frumpy, always tired, crabby, etc, etc… maybe it’s time for you to look into a new nutrition plan. Try it out! What’s it gonna hurt??


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