Manager’s Specials!!

This is too awesome to not share with everyone.

I was at Fry’s the other day getting some groceries and I was looking at the different fish they have in the fresh meat section. I look over and they have a stir fry package with fresh veggies and chopped steak all ready to throw in a pan to cook, for $2.50! That can easily feed 2 people with another side or an appetizer salad. I know manager’s special means that they need to get rid of it fast or it’s going to go bad quick. I got a whole ton of them and threw them in the freezer… genius on my part. Now  I have a bunch of quick, amazing, healthy, and delicious meals that I can throw together in just minutes.

It does take a couple minutes extra for the veggies to cook since the meat only takes 1-2 minutes to get fully cooked, so sue me for making things difficult (not).

I have a teriyaki marinade type sauce that yes, does have 3 grams of sugar, but when my daily nutrition is good enough to cheat with a little sugar, it’s very good thrown into the stir fry pan with my meats and veggies. I’m sure there’s a ton of different low carb soy sauces and stir fry sauces that are out there just waiting to be paired with a manager’s special box full of fresh food! CHECK THE LABELS, PEOPLE!

For those of you who always bring your lunch to work, how easy would this be to take 10 minutes to cook the night before work and put in a container to warm up in the microwave at work? Less preservatives, more nutrition, and prolly wayyyyyy better tasting than that “Lean Cuisine” crap that’s actually not so “lean” (carbs, sugars, preservatives…. how much more junk can they fit in those things??).

I think I’ve made my point 🙂

Like I said, I found these in the back of the grocery store by all of the fresh meats (which is where you should be shopping anyways, yummmm steak and fish!!). Let me know if you guys find any awesome deals anywhere!


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