“I don’t have a gym to go to so I can’t work out”

If I ever, in my entire life, hear another person say that they can’t afford a gym membership so they don’t work out, I’ll blow one serious gasket.

A lot of people who we do wellness counseling with don’t have a gym membership and still manage to get in at-home workouts. Look around. Everything has weight to it, use it! Pick up your stool and do some squats and lunges, curl your laundry detergent or milk carton, do shoulder raises with cans of soup…. the possibilities are endless.

Alright so the point of this post isn’t to rag on you for not doing at home exercises, but to give you  more ideas on how to squeeze in random exercises throughout the day. A new thing going on that we ran into is Post-it workouts. You, or someone else in your household, get a pile of post-it notes and write little random exercises on them and stick them around the house in weird places. When you see the post-it, you HAVE to do the exercise.

20 squats

10 lunges each leg

15 jumping jacks

5 burpees

10 push ups

sprint in place for 30 seconds

jump as  high as you can 5 times

break dance

You can be as silly as you want with it, heck, it’s your house 🙂 Every week or so, redo them. Write different exercises on them and place em in other weird places of the house- the side of the laundry hamper, the lid of the washer, the toilet seat lid, inside of your freezer door, the kleenex box… use your imagination! Exercising doesn’t have to be a Debbie Downer activity, you know. Now get to posting and have a little fun with it.


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