Always use correct form!

Always use correct form!

I spent my entire week last week painting the house, and when my brain took a break from jammin’ out to Pandora, I definitely caught myself using the perfect form while paint rolling a wall. After giggling to myself “of course I would catch myself doing perfect workout form while performing a task at home”, I realized That it’s really not so silly at all. Anyone and everyone should always, always keep their body in mind while doing any physical tasks.
If you come take a Kinesis class at the gym, you will constantly hear me scream over and over “tighten your core”. For those of you who are not sure how to know if your core is tight, take a breath in and start exhaling. Once you don’t think you can exhale anymore, keep pushing more and more air out until you’re out of air. When you get to that point, you notice your muscles in your stomach tighten to help push out that air. Boom, your core is tight. It takes some practice at first to keep those muscles contracted once you start breathing normal again, but practice makes a constant tight core and more supported back!
Another thing for posture is to always practice keeping your shoulders back and your chest up. Pretend your shoulder blades are tied together in the back. Practicing good posture helps you keep that core contracted to help support your back, while also contributing to a better appearance and more energy.

Good posture should be maintained even when you’re not doing anything physical. has a pretty good explanation how to correctly sit in your chair:
Find the correct sitting posture when you do not have an ergonomic chair to lean into. Sit on the edge of your chair and droop your shoulders, letting your stomach push out. From the slouched position, raise your shoulders and curve your back as you sit up straight. Hold your back rigid, accentuating the curve in your back. Relax your back about 10 degrees to find the correct sitting posture.

Thank you, Mr. Armstrong.

Your core should automatically tighten when you raise your shoulders (and should be tight constantly).

Now, everybody practice tightening your core. Take a look at how you’re sitting right now. Slouching? Knock it off. Make that core tight, support your back, and keep your shoulders up and back. Nice work 🙂
Practice, practice, practice….


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