Respect Yourself

When I was growing up, my parents taught me how to respect other people. When I looked up the word “respect” in the online dictionary, one of the definitions were: The willingness to show consideration or appreciation. It doesn’t specify to who you show consideration or appreciation to. So when you think that you’re a respectful person, who do you feel you respect? Just the people around you?

Another thing that I’ve learned in the past is to learn to respect yourself as well. Do you think your body really likes to be fed unhealthy crap food and to not get any physical activity? Appearance isn’t everything, not even close. But you’re body reflects who you are and how you treat yourself. If you treat yourself like horribly by not getting any physical activity and eating junk every day, it’s going to show through your body and your attitude. You’re tired, you sleep like crap, you can’t focus at work like you should, you’re out of breath going on a walk or to the grocery store, you get headaches, you feel bloated, etc. etc… There’s so many terrible side effects of not taking care of your body.

The number one thing to respect yourself goes back to the dictionary definition- the WILLINGNESS. YOU, not anybody else, have to be willing to change YOUR lifestyle. Start by setting your goals. Where do you want to be? How do you want to feel? Set your goal and find your motivation to keep that goal within eyesight. Next, do some research on recipes and workouts that you believe are doable. Start slow and keep progressing. Push yourself to your full potential. If you’re eating just a little carbohydrates per week, see if you can’t cut out all of them- breads, pastas, tortillas, rice, and all of the other nasty carbs that have zero positive nutritional values. Or if you’re eating a lot of carbs, cut out half. See how you feel! If you’re lifting little tiny weights, take them up a few pounds to show yourself that you can. Walk one more block, do 5 more push ups, do squats and crunches while watching tv… respect yourself enough to at least have the willingness to TRY. Appreciate your body and all that it does for you even though you treat it like crap. Take into consideration how good you can treat yourself and how good you could feel if you just tried. 

Nobody should ever disrespect others, but more importantly, nobody should disrespect themselves. It all starts with making a change of mindset. You CAN be that person you want to be, just try. I dare ya 🙂


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