Strength in numbers

As the Kinesis Konnection gym is now starting Kinesis classes, I really wanted to stress the importance of finding a friend you can count on to help you stay motivated to and through your workouts. It doesn’t even have to be a friend. You can find a co-worker who wants to start walking or taking boot camp classes. Even better, find the co-worker who you wouldn’t want to piss off and start a walking or kickboxing schedule with them. I don’t know about anyone else, but not being yelled at by a scary person for missing a work out is enough motivation for me to start being active. I found a really great article that is based on research on women exercising with friends. It shows that two thirds of women try harder when they’re exercising with a friend and nearly one third use their friends as inspiration to stay in shape. 

“A study of 1,000 women found that 64 per cent of those who run, go to the gym or attend group exercise classes with chums will push themselves harder than if they went alone. Those who exercise together train for longer, burn more calories and go to the gym more often.”

The same article stated that during the average session, women who exercise with friends burn up to 236 calories, compared to 195 for girls who exercise alone. You can burn that many calories during an easy workout, so picture the possibilities if you start going to a harder class like Kinesis that burns more calories than the regular workout. 

The buddy system also keeps boredom away and makes time pass quickly. Find a good friend to walk with and the miles just disappear. We had a small group training with the 3 of us at Kinesis Konnection yesterday and I have to say, it would of been a lot more miserable if there wasn’t conversation going on most of the time. Plus, I knew the other two were in as much pain as I was, so it made me feel better through the workout 🙂 

My last blog was about goal setting. Share that you have a goal with a potential work out buddy and work it into your schedule to meet twice a week if they’re interested in getting fit as well. I guarantee the motivation of one will kick the ass of the other dying motivation. Help each other reach your goals. Whether it’s just walking, attending classes, or attending a personal trainer together, there’s strength in numbers!! 

Men, just because the article I found was on women, don’t think this isn’t about you too. Get together with a buddy and compete who can have the best six pack or “look more ripped” by the end of the summer. I’m guessing the majority of you have looked a lot better at an earlier point in your life, and so has your co-worker who you get drinks with after work every now and then. Guess what, surprise your wifey and start strength training and/or jogging after work instead of packing your body full of carbs. It’s a lot more rewarding and stress releasing, trust me. 

Summer is just beginning. Find a workout partner or 2 and plan a little pool party or BBQ at the end of the summer. Plan to be the sexiest eye candy at that BBQ and GET TO WORK THIS SUMMER!!


Article Source:–research-shows-women-train-harder-exercise-partner.html#ixzz2THblBeMy 


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