What’s your goal??

We all have goals. Whether we recognize them or not. I wanted a new pair of work out shoes, so I put a few bucks away at a time until I had enough money to buy them. Even though I didn’t realize it at the time, those shoes were my goal. The first major step in goal setting is recognizing your goal. What do you want? What will make you happier? What will make you a better person? Figure it out. Once you do that, you can make your goal realistic no matter how high you’re reaching. If you want a million dollar mansion and you’re making minimum wage, either you better have one heck of a savings plan or some changes need to be made to meet yourself in the middle. Shoot for a $200,000 house and work your way up to your mansion or set yourself on a savings plan with daily/monthly/yearly payments to your savings account. During nutrition counselings, we’ve told numerous people to set a small goal to reach up to your big goal. If the weight lost needs to be 100 lbs, the goal can be broken down into 10 lb increments to keep you motivated and to make your goal seem more possible. You can do that with any goal you have- baby steps are key!

A huge factor in reaching your goal is motivation. On the subject of weight loss, do you want to lose weight to make you feel overall better or to find yourself a sexy hubby? Perhaps you got some bad news from your doctor who said that you need to lose weight or bad things are going to start happening. Do you have family? Do you want to be around long enough to be at your grandsons graduation? There’s your motivation to make a major lifestyle change to lose weight and be healthy. Find your motivation and keep it in your mind always. 

Once you’ve found your motivation to reach your goal, make it a priority. This goal is about you. It’s something you want, so whether you like it or not, make yourself and your goal a priority. I’m not saying to replace your family or your job at your #1 priority to go to the gym 8 hours a day, but make sure it’s somewhere high in your priority list. Make post-it notes or hang a photo of you at a younger age (not an unrealistic younger age) randomly in the house or office to remind you what your goal is and to tell you that you can reach it. You originally made this goal to make you happy, correct? Picture your life after you’ve reached your goal and see how much better of a life you are living. 

Always always have a goal set and never give up on it. Whether it’s big or little, keep reaching for that goal and making those little lifestyle changes to make yourself a better person inside and out. We have an endless amount of opportunities in this world to just let them all slip by. Living life happy is more important than you might think 🙂 


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