Respect Yourself

When I was growing up, my parents taught me how to respect other people. When I looked up the word “respect” in the online dictionary, one of the definitions were: The willingness to show consideration or appreciation. It doesn’t specify to who you show consideration or appreciation to. So when you think that you’re a respectful person, who do you feel you respect? Just the people around you?

Another thing that I’ve learned in the past is to learn to respect yourself as well. Do you think your body really likes to be fed unhealthy crap food and to not get any physical activity? Appearance isn’t everything, not even close. But you’re body reflects who you are and how you treat yourself. If you treat yourself like horribly by not getting any physical activity and eating junk every day, it’s going to show through your body and your attitude. You’re tired, you sleep like crap, you can’t focus at work like you should, you’re out of breath going on a walk or to the grocery store, you get headaches, you feel bloated, etc. etc… There’s so many terrible side effects of not taking care of your body.

The number one thing to respect yourself goes back to the dictionary definition- the WILLINGNESS. YOU, not anybody else, have to be willing to change YOUR lifestyle. Start by setting your goals. Where do you want to be? How do you want to feel? Set your goal and find your motivation to keep that goal within eyesight. Next, do some research on recipes and workouts that you believe are doable. Start slow and keep progressing. Push yourself to your full potential. If you’re eating just a little carbohydrates per week, see if you can’t cut out all of them- breads, pastas, tortillas, rice, and all of the other nasty carbs that have zero positive nutritional values. Or if you’re eating a lot of carbs, cut out half. See how you feel! If you’re lifting little tiny weights, take them up a few pounds to show yourself that you can. Walk one more block, do 5 more push ups, do squats and crunches while watching tv… respect yourself enough to at least have the willingness to TRY. Appreciate your body and all that it does for you even though you treat it like crap. Take into consideration how good you can treat yourself and how good you could feel if you just tried. 

Nobody should ever disrespect others, but more importantly, nobody should disrespect themselves. It all starts with making a change of mindset. You CAN be that person you want to be, just try. I dare ya 🙂


What? Strength training doesn’t burn calories??

This has definitely been on my mind for a while. I’ve been trying to be as religious as possible with logging my food on Usually I don’t keep track of calories, just pay attention to my carb intake so I never entered in what I did for exercising every day. Not sure who has all used myfitnesspal and are familiar with it, but it takes the amount of calories you’ve burned from your workout and subtracts it from the amount of calories you’ve eaten in a day. I decided to log my strength training one day and it didn’t subtract any calories. Even though I’m not a calorie counter, I was definitely not excited that it didn’t take any calories off of my daily intake. I’m telling you right now, if you use myfitnesspal and get discouraged from strength training because it “doesn’t burn any calories”, please don’t let it point you in the direction of doing only cardio for your workouts. If I didn’t know what I know now, I would definitely say “screw you” to strength training. The more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism is and the more fat you’ll burn even while your just sleeping, or in resting state. Ladies, you’re not going to turn into the hulk if you strength train, unless you want to and work very very hard at it. If you have a gym membership and are doing only cardio, ask the front desk to show you their full body circuit. It’s their job to help you so don’t feel like you’re bugging them. Every gym should have a circuit that consists of 7-10 stations that work the major muscle groups of your body. Do that a couple times 2x per week and you’ll boost your metabolism, be more toned, and just feel better all around. Make sure the weight you’re lifting is heavy enough for you to feel fatigued when you’re done, or you’re not working the muscles hard enough for a good muscle gain. DON’T FORGET ABOUT THE IMPORTANCE OF STRENGTH TRAINING!! We’re all aging, and as we age it gets harder and harder to build and keep muscle, so why not start early to help prevent your muscles from deteriorating. Along with that, the extra weight load will strengthen your bones. Must I keep going???? If you don’t have a gym membership, you can still get some strength training at home. Squats, lunges, push ups, triceps dips, bicep curls with the milk carton full of water…. look around and use your imagination. There’s no excuse to not be doing even just a little bit of strength training. So get to it! 

Kinesis Konnection now open!

As I posted in my last blog, Kinesis Konnection is now open and starting classes! Kinesis is a type of functional exercise that uses resistance cable machines to combine traditional lifts (squats, lat pulls, rows) with everyday movements to build strength, balance, and flexibility. It’s a lot to take in! There’s literally thousands of different exercises to do with one machine so it’s impossible to get bored with your workout!! We have five machines so we are able to keep an eye on every person in the class to be sure form is correct and you are getting the most out of your workout. Form is key! To my Arizona people- stop by and check it out this Saturday the 18th from 8:00-10:00 AM to check everything out! Bring two friends to sign up for unlimited one month classes and all three of you get 30% off.
We are so so excited we are able to help people achieve their health and fitness goals in our own facility. Come check it out!! We’re located on 22nd St. and the north side of Camelback behind the Washington bank. Just go in the side door and you’ll find us!! We’re gonna have a good time Saturday with awesome raffle prizes too 🙂 Time to get in shape for summer I’d say!

Strength in numbers

As the Kinesis Konnection gym is now starting Kinesis classes, I really wanted to stress the importance of finding a friend you can count on to help you stay motivated to and through your workouts. It doesn’t even have to be a friend. You can find a co-worker who wants to start walking or taking boot camp classes. Even better, find the co-worker who you wouldn’t want to piss off and start a walking or kickboxing schedule with them. I don’t know about anyone else, but not being yelled at by a scary person for missing a work out is enough motivation for me to start being active. I found a really great article that is based on research on women exercising with friends. It shows that two thirds of women try harder when they’re exercising with a friend and nearly one third use their friends as inspiration to stay in shape. 

“A study of 1,000 women found that 64 per cent of those who run, go to the gym or attend group exercise classes with chums will push themselves harder than if they went alone. Those who exercise together train for longer, burn more calories and go to the gym more often.”

The same article stated that during the average session, women who exercise with friends burn up to 236 calories, compared to 195 for girls who exercise alone. You can burn that many calories during an easy workout, so picture the possibilities if you start going to a harder class like Kinesis that burns more calories than the regular workout. 

The buddy system also keeps boredom away and makes time pass quickly. Find a good friend to walk with and the miles just disappear. We had a small group training with the 3 of us at Kinesis Konnection yesterday and I have to say, it would of been a lot more miserable if there wasn’t conversation going on most of the time. Plus, I knew the other two were in as much pain as I was, so it made me feel better through the workout 🙂 

My last blog was about goal setting. Share that you have a goal with a potential work out buddy and work it into your schedule to meet twice a week if they’re interested in getting fit as well. I guarantee the motivation of one will kick the ass of the other dying motivation. Help each other reach your goals. Whether it’s just walking, attending classes, or attending a personal trainer together, there’s strength in numbers!! 

Men, just because the article I found was on women, don’t think this isn’t about you too. Get together with a buddy and compete who can have the best six pack or “look more ripped” by the end of the summer. I’m guessing the majority of you have looked a lot better at an earlier point in your life, and so has your co-worker who you get drinks with after work every now and then. Guess what, surprise your wifey and start strength training and/or jogging after work instead of packing your body full of carbs. It’s a lot more rewarding and stress releasing, trust me. 

Summer is just beginning. Find a workout partner or 2 and plan a little pool party or BBQ at the end of the summer. Plan to be the sexiest eye candy at that BBQ and GET TO WORK THIS SUMMER!!


Article Source:–research-shows-women-train-harder-exercise-partner.html#ixzz2THblBeMy 

What’s your goal??

We all have goals. Whether we recognize them or not. I wanted a new pair of work out shoes, so I put a few bucks away at a time until I had enough money to buy them. Even though I didn’t realize it at the time, those shoes were my goal. The first major step in goal setting is recognizing your goal. What do you want? What will make you happier? What will make you a better person? Figure it out. Once you do that, you can make your goal realistic no matter how high you’re reaching. If you want a million dollar mansion and you’re making minimum wage, either you better have one heck of a savings plan or some changes need to be made to meet yourself in the middle. Shoot for a $200,000 house and work your way up to your mansion or set yourself on a savings plan with daily/monthly/yearly payments to your savings account. During nutrition counselings, we’ve told numerous people to set a small goal to reach up to your big goal. If the weight lost needs to be 100 lbs, the goal can be broken down into 10 lb increments to keep you motivated and to make your goal seem more possible. You can do that with any goal you have- baby steps are key!

A huge factor in reaching your goal is motivation. On the subject of weight loss, do you want to lose weight to make you feel overall better or to find yourself a sexy hubby? Perhaps you got some bad news from your doctor who said that you need to lose weight or bad things are going to start happening. Do you have family? Do you want to be around long enough to be at your grandsons graduation? There’s your motivation to make a major lifestyle change to lose weight and be healthy. Find your motivation and keep it in your mind always. 

Once you’ve found your motivation to reach your goal, make it a priority. This goal is about you. It’s something you want, so whether you like it or not, make yourself and your goal a priority. I’m not saying to replace your family or your job at your #1 priority to go to the gym 8 hours a day, but make sure it’s somewhere high in your priority list. Make post-it notes or hang a photo of you at a younger age (not an unrealistic younger age) randomly in the house or office to remind you what your goal is and to tell you that you can reach it. You originally made this goal to make you happy, correct? Picture your life after you’ve reached your goal and see how much better of a life you are living. 

Always always have a goal set and never give up on it. Whether it’s big or little, keep reaching for that goal and making those little lifestyle changes to make yourself a better person inside and out. We have an endless amount of opportunities in this world to just let them all slip by. Living life happy is more important than you might think 🙂 

Something’s fishy around here

Not sure if it’s just me or if anybody else just hates the taste of fish. My boss, Lindsay, gave me a delicious recipe (kind of) for fish. She used salmon but I have a huge bag of tilapia I need to get eaten. It’s so delicious and easy! Preheat the oven to 350 and cover the fish in olive oil, pesto, salt, and pepper. I only cook the tilapia for 20 minutes but I’d imagine salmon takes a few minutes longer. She said her salmon was frozen and it took about 45 minutes but as long as it flakes easily with a fork, then it’s done. I’ve usually done green beans with butter, salt, and pepper for a side with my fish but the “spring mix” lettuce greens are so good with balsamic vinaigrette, olive oil, and parmesan cheese sprinkled on top. Every now and then the fish gets some parmesan too 🙂 I can’t resist. 

Another salmon dish that I’ve made a couple times is Rachael Ray’s well-dressed salmon. Here’s the link to the video… I highly recommend it if you don’t like fish! It’s an easy way to get in some more healthy fats into your daily nutrition. I hope you try and enjoy these recipes 🙂 I sure did