Holy 4 minutes…

So I’ve recently been introduced to Tabata training. It’s a kick ass 4 minute workout. At first I was very iffy about the fact that it’s only 4 minutes long… How can you get a workout from doing something for 4 minutes? It’s very possible my friends. Tabata training consists of 1-8 exercises that you do at your 200% for 20 seconds and rest for 10 seconds. You do 8 sessions of this. You can do burpees for 20 seconds 8 times, or you can choose 4 different exercises to do twice each. That’s what I just did tonight and I was dying at the end. I did jump squats, half burpees (just stayed down on my hands and jumped my feet in and out), v-up crunches, and push ups. Think you don’t have time to get a good workout in your day? Hah, right. This training method not only makes you build muscle, but also improves your cardio as well. I highly recommend you to read a little more on this training at tabatatraining.org and make a nightly workout for yourself. Count how many reps you can get in and strive to get more and more repetitions in every single time you do it. This is a fantastic way to push and motivate yourself. Go ahead, I dare you to try it. Dare yourself to beat your record from the previous day. Since you’re reading my blog, I’m guessing you’re either bored or just want something to read to help you along with your health. Well, now you need to carry on to the website I provided you and keep reading!! 🙂


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