“I just felt like running!”

The proper way to run







Whether you’ve always been a runner or are just beginning (or trying to begin) running, you should check out the picture below on the proper way to run. Focus on your bottom half and go for a small jog until you get the hang of it. Then, once you get the hang of your feet/legs doing the correct movement, focus on your top half. Practice makes perfect. The more you run, the better you’ll get at it! 🙂 Oh, and not to mention the top 15 reasons to run for a little motivation. Both of these pics have the websites on them so you can check those out for more information. The internet is completely LOADED with different treadmill running workouts and ways to build up from “couch to 5k” also. You don’t need to go run a marathon right away, just go for a little jog around the block. It’s amazing how good even a small run will make you feel. Now hop to it!


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