Oh nuts! Really…

How awesome The Ultimate Guide to Nutsare nuts??  Granted, I hated when Grandma put nuts in her cookies and brownies, but they’re yummy, the perfect snack, and have great nutritional value (without the brownie or cookie part). I ran into this “Ultimate Guide to Nuts” picture and had to share it with my blog readers. Do you have a candy bowl at work? Replace that sugar filled snack with a handful of calcium, iron, and fiber packed almonds. Or you could be having a holiday party at your house this year. In that case, replace the chips and salsa with some in-shell nuts for your guests to have fun cracking instead of chowing down on junk food before the turkey is ready. Nuts can be a positive replacement for a lot of different things, use your imagination! This picture only recommends your diet to be 20-30% of your daily calories from fat and, of course, I recommend about double of that as you are on a low carbohydrate lifestyle. Also, like most snacks, nuts are also something you should enjoy in moderation, so snack responsibly. I know the picture might be a little small and hard to read, so here’s the link to the website I got it from-




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