Let’s get started

It’s hard to start a new lifestyle, I understand that. Most of us have been through the whole “oh I’ll start my ‘diet’ tomorrow/next week/in a year.” First of all, the word “diet” is terrible. Don’t start a diet, start a new lifestyle. And second, quit making excuses for putting off living a healthier lifestyle. The first step to better your nutrition is to go through your kitchen and throw out all of the bads. Bread, noodles, cereals, and anything with preservatives should be part of this trash run. Check the nutrition labels for amount of carbs and how much good nutritional value the items have. Next step is the grocery store run. A good rule of thumb at the grocery store is to stay along the outside of the isles where all of the fruit, veggies, and meats are. The closer to the walls you are, the more likely there’s going to be less preservatives and more nutritional value in the foods. Buy lots of meat, veggies, cheeses, salad dressings, eggs, nuts, heck even bacon and breakfast meats! Be sure to get in the habit of checking nutrition labels for amounts of carbohydrates and sugar, amount of sodium, and fiber is good so the more fiber, the better. Also, anything with the word “light” should stay on the shelves. Fat is not the enemy and more than likely, anything with the word “lite” or “light” has added sugar to cover up the horrible taste the food has from the fat being removed. Again, check the labels.

So now you’ve cleaned out all of the bad carbs and replaced them with good veggies and meats. Half the battle is done. Go out to eat often? Be the one to order first. Make your decision of a salad or meat and veggies instead of fries. Who knows? Maybe since you were the first to order and ordered a healthy meal, others might follow. Set an example and stick with the healthy lifestyle. The more bad carbs you eat, the more you crave so steer clear of breads and pastas. Hungry for a snack? The best snack I’ve found is almonds and cheese. Little changes like replacing noodles with veggies and fruit snacks with nuts will make you feel so much better and more energetic! It’s a little challenging to stick with but the results are priceless. Plus, who doesn’t like a good challenge? So get in that kitchen with a trash bag and get started on “the road to a new you” 🙂 Ready. Set. Go!