You are dehydrated.

Alright, I may have been a bit bland with the title. But let’s take a second quick and think, “how much water do I drink per day?” The body’s weight is composed with 75% water, mainly found in its intracellular space (in the cells) and extracellular space (the blood vessels and the space between the cells). Just knowing that, it kind of seems that water might be a little crucial to our body and our health, don’t you agree? Now you may be thinking, “why does it matter if I’m a little dehydrated? I’ll be ok.” Actually, you won’t be ok. You’ll more than likely shrivel up like a raisin. Just kidding! But if your body doesn’t get the amount of water it needs, it pulls water from it’s systems to try and retain any water it has. Dry lips and skin, brittle hair, your nails keep breaking, and even your eyesight might not be as sharp. Some of the other symptoms that are likely to occur of you’re dehydrated include:

  • ¬†eyes stop making tears
  • dry mouth
  • heart palpitations
  • ¬†nausea and vomiting
  • muscle cramps
  • sweating may decrease or stop
  • lightheadedness
  • weakness
  • decreased urine output

Doesn’t sound like much fun, does it. You might think that you feel fine and drink enough water, but out of all of the body compositions I’ve done, there has only been 2 people out of over 100 that I can remember were at the hydration level recommended. The body composition machine that I use sends a current through the body and the results are based on how hydrated you are, or how much intracellular and extracellular water you have.

The general rule of thumb is try to get one gallon of water per day in. It might not seem like that much, but I guarantee if you slowly increase your water intake, you will feel like a new person! Don’t think you have time to drink any water? Think again, friends. If you’re drinking around 3 or 4 bottles per day, take it up to 5 or 6 bottles per day for a couple weeks, then slowly keep increasing until you have one gallon of water per day. One gallon is almost equivalent to 4 big liters of water or 11 of the 12oz bottles of water.

Now here comes the easy part, increasing your water intake.

  • Drink coffee in the morning? Finish it off with a glorious glass of ice cold water to wake you up.
  • Do you drive to work? Put a liter bottle full of water in the fridge and grab it when you walk out the door. Finish that thing before you walk into work. What else do you have to do while you drive??
  • Double your liter in the fridge and grab 2 when you leave so you have one to sit at your desk or to keep on hand. finish that before/during lunch.
  • Refill a liter for the rest of your afternoon and drive home.

Only one more liter go to and you’ve nailed it!!

  • Refill the other liter when you get home or simply have a glass or two during dinner and before bed

Half the battle is being conscious about how much you are drinking in a day. Replace your afternoon Diet Pepsi with a bottle of water instead. If you need that carbonation, get some sparkling water to tickle your mouth. Also, have you seen those awful commercials on T.V. for the MIO water flavors? The commercial might make you cringe, but that stuff if amazing. They have a few different flavors and it really helps get more water consumed without being so boring. It tastes like juice! Get in the habit of refilling water bottles or using your gym water bottle,because I know every one of you goes to the gym every day ;), to be a little more environmental friendly.

I really hope you understand how critical water is to the body. Normal people do get hospitalized for dehydration out of nowhere. Better safe than sorry, get to drinking!