No Excuses

There are a million and one reasons that anybody can come up with to not exercise. Don’t deny it, we’re all guilty of using at least one excuse at some point in time. The “I’m just too tired to workout today” excuse is always a solid one, which is just silly because exercising actually gives you energy. Another good one is “I have too much stuff to do and don’t have time to hit up the gym”, which is also pretty silly because a workout can be done in a matter of just a few minutes. Getting a good workout in doesn’t necessarily mean you need to be covered in sweat and having your legs feel like they’re going to give out when you walk afterwards. Too broke to get a gym membership? That’s not even considered an excuse. There are a crazy amount of exercises you can do at home to get a decent workout on lunch break, after work, or even when you wake up in the morning. Not sure what exercises to do to feel like you’re not wasting your time? No worries, my friends. This is what I’m here for! Here’s a little workout to get your day jump started.

  • jumping jacks- Remember these from elementary school? Start with your feet hip width apart and arms down at your side. Jump while bringing your feet shoulder width apart and raising your arms over your head. Jump again and return to the starting position. Do 20 repetitions.
  • prisoner squats- Stand with your hands behind your head, shoulders back, and chest out. Your feet should be shoulder width apart. Sit back at your hips and bend your knees while going as low as possible and keeping the natural arch in your spine. Squeeze your glutes and push yourself back up to the starting position. do 12 reps.
  • push ups- A classic exercise, but a good one. Assume the typical push up position with your hands under your shoulders and legs straight on the floor or ground. Tighten your core and lower yourself until your chest touches the floor. Return to starting position and do 15 reps.
  • forward lunges- In standing position, step forward with one leg and lower yourself until your opposite knee is an inch or so off the ground. Your front thigh should be parallel to the floor. Hold for 1 second, return to starting position, and repeat with the other leg. Do 12 reps with each leg. Make it harder by holding weights or holding the lunge for 5 seconds.
  • stick ups- Stand about 4 inches from the wall with your back facing the wall and the back of your arms against the wall. Your upper arms should be parallel to the floor and forearms at a 90 degree angle. While keeping your arms on the wall the entire time, raise them overhead slowly and return to starting position. Do 10 reps.

That’s only 5 exercises. It’s the perfect amount of time for a workout in the morning before you take a shower or get ready for work/school. Have more time? Do them all again for a longer workout.

Now that we have established that you can get a good workout in ten minutes at home, I’ll just throw out a few more at home exercises.

  • Go for a walk. Mother Nature can be one crazy chick sometimes, but when she’s in a good mood, take advantage of it and get outside.
  • Stair climb. If you don’t have stairs in your house, use steps outside or even a step stool. It’s a simple exercise but it’s an excellent workout. Play some Rocky music for a more intense workout.
  • Leg lifts are a great way to build muscles in your legs and even your hind end.
  • Crunches and bicycles are key for strong abdominal muscles. Don’t make the common mistake of thinking that crunches are going to burn all of your belly fat, that’s all up to your diet.
  • Jogging in place may look kind of silly, but is a great exercise for your heart and you can do it while watching tv or listening to music.
  • Light weight lifting. You don’t need to go buy any weights or anything. Look around your house. See how many things you can lift just for a little workout? Laundry day? Do some bicep curls, tricep extension, and shoulder press exercises with the laundry detergent. Even if you finish all of the milk in a while gallon or half gallon, fill it with water for cheap weights.
  • Dance! Ever heard of Zumba? It’s a workout that consists of high intensity dance moves kind of like salsa. The harder you dance, the better the workout, so move those hips and keep those abs tight!
  • Jump roping is another simple way to get a good cardio workout. Jump rope for 10 minutes and feel the burn.

Since you’re reading this blog right now, I just assume that you have access to the internet. There’s so many different at home workouts on the internet that will get you amazing results. It’s very important that you use the proper form though so you’re not wasting your time and won’t injure yourself. To make anything harder, just hold some weights or go slower. The slower you go, the more muscle you will build. The ultimate goal when weight lifting is failure, which doesn’t mean go until you get frustrated or tired, but go until your muscles can’t possibly do one more lift. If you’re running up stairs and make it to the top, odds are you can do another flight. Also, if you’re thinking that you’re going to look like the Hulk if you lift weights, it’s pretty hard to get those results naturally. If you gain more muscle, you burn more calories as well. So lift away!

I hope that these simple at home exercises will help you get started with a routine that has more physical activity. Now you have no reason to have any excuses, so when you feel an excuse coming on, pinch yourself. Ready, set, GO!