Don’t let a 9-5 desk job bring you down

how sitting wrecks your bodyClick here for a great challenge!!

9-5 sitting at a desk? Let’s be real here… there’s plenty of time for physical activity- you have an hour for lunch break, the frequent trip to the restroom, water cooler, printer, etc. A desk job doesn’t have to consist of zero activity all day every day. After work, many people have other things to do besides going to the gym or just working out in general, pick the kids up, make supper, run errands, all the fun stuff. Even if you don’t think you possibly have time to work out in your 8 hour work day, there’s so many things you can be doing to add physical activity to this not-so-physical desk job. Along with getting in more physical activity, endorphins get released which makes you in a better mood and more awake. It’s a win-win! Here’s a few different things that can be done:

1. Take a break- no, this does NOT mean Facebook or Youtube. Get up and walk around the building every half hour or even every hour. It gets the blood pumping and muscles moving.

2. The stairs are your friend, not your enemy- it might not be fun at all to start off, but it’ll get easier the more you do it.

3. Switch up your desk chair- get an Exercise Ball chair. You can find them numerous places on the internet. They encourage a slight bouncing movement which keep your legs and your core busy and eases stress. Plus, if you had one, you would be like the kid with the bounciest bed… and who wouldn’t want that? 🙂

4. Get some small weights to keep at your desk. While you’re talking on the phone or even just thinking to yourself, do some arm curls or even (yes, look silly) squats.

5. You can even stretch! Flexibility is the most ignored aspect of being fit so stop ignoring it and switch in flexibility with your walks on your breaks.

Staying fit isn’t all about being physically active. Whether your goal is weight loss or just weight management, your lifestyle diet should be a major priority. Yes, it can be difficult to have a desk job and to eat healthy. But it can be done, and here’s how:

1. Keep a water bottle or jug at your desk. You may have that caffeinated beverage to help you stay awake or some sort of soda just because it tastes so good, right? Dehydration is a huge problem that occurs way too much in desk job individuals. If you replace your general soda or beverage with water, you will stay hydrated and won’t be taking in extra calories and sugar. A personal recommendation is the MIO water flavors. They’re so delicious and carb-free!

2. I know candy jars are the spice to life, but they’re also full of sugar and unneeded carbohydrates. Replace your Snickers or M&M’s with some almonds or peanuts. They have the salty and delicious taste without the huge amount sugar. They have more protein which takes more effort (calories) for the body to process and fiber which may slightly block caloric absorption and you keep feeling full so you won’t need more than a handful or two to make it till lunch or dinner. Another personal suggestion is almonds and cheese together, I just can’t get enough.

3. Pack your own lunch- get that perfectly sized Tupperware bowl that holds just the right amount of salad or make a sandwich with a side of veggies. Don’t have the time in the morning? Lame excuse people! Get everything ready and packed up the night before so you can just grab and go. It’s even possible to make a huge batch of eggs or chicken on Sunday night and put in separate containers so you have everything ready for the rest of the week.

4. Eat a good breakfast. Your breakfast should include protein (eggs), complex carbohydrates (vegetables), and dairy (cheese) to make sure you get all of the nutrients needed. By eating a good breakfast before work, you are kick-starting your metabolism so you burn calories efficiently during the day. Again, not having time is no excuse. Take the advise of getting it ready the night before or get some protein shakes and some cheese and celery to have. Eat an awesome breakfast and you can kiss those awful mid-morning tummy growls goodbye!

Having a desk job and staying fit is not an easy task. Just remember to drink lots of water and always pick the far way to walk or to go walk outside instead of checking Facebook on your 5 minute break. You can do it!!


3 thoughts on “Don’t let a 9-5 desk job bring you down

  1. Very nicely written Cola—congrats on the leap into taking the bull by the horns–you seem to have this under control and again CONGRATS!!!!!!

  2. Great advice Nichola, I have been wearing a pedometer, and you would be amazed how the steps add up over little adjustments. Keep up the good tips!

  3. I am retired but as I was reading about lifting weights while sitting at your desk, I ‘ran’ and got
    mine out and figured it just takes one hand to play Majongg which left one free hand to grab the weight..Thanks for the tip.

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